Cary Cares

In August, Preston Dental Loft began the search for 3 women in the Cary area who deserved an entire day dedicated to making them feel special. We designed the nomination process to be broad and open to interpretation. We couldn’t have begun to imagine the wide variety of stories and nominations we’d receive. From the hard-working and dedicated entrepreneur, to the mother who continuously puts her children first and herself last, we were introduced to some pretty incredible people.

Dr. Patel took the 40+ nominations and narrowed the pool down to 6 finalists. Together with our partners, we selected our three recipients. Trust us, it was no easy feat.

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Meet Our Winners


Gail Makeover Recipient

“My mom is a first grade teacher at Northwoods Elementary School and has been there for the last 20 years. Her coworkers and students consistently refer to her as the best teacher in the school. What makes her truly special is her undying devotion to her students. Every year she uses a lot of her own money to buy supplies for her student and even buys snacks for her students whose parents can’t afford to consistently by food. My mom lost her parents in 2014 and 2016 and still showed up for school and cared for her students every day even when she was the one who needed the care. She is still grieving the loss of my grandparents and as she gears up for another school year she could really use a day of pampering. Each year her bonuses get smaller and her class and responsibilities get larger. A day of pampering would be just the thing to say thank you to this amazing educator and mother.

My mom takes very little time for herself. A makeover would help her start the school year energized, confident, and refreshed.” (Caroline, Gail’s daughter)



Lynn Makeover Recipient

“I knew Lynn was a strong, optimistic individual but, I underestimated how strong. In 2014 she was involved in a freak accident during a gym workout through no fault of her own. She suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as a spinal cord injury that day. After major surgery in 2015 and 2016 Lynn is back on her feet, never complains about chronic pain, smiles every day and continues to be kind and generous to everyone she comes into contact with. She goes out of her way to be involved in her community by helping others in need of energy and good spirit. This void she fills is quite diverse. It can be anything from sharing information with regard to living a healthy lifestyle and even takes people to do their shopping and preparing meals. Lynn also gets people motivated to go on walks with her and her rescued dog Buddy. She happily helps neighbors who need help learning the perks of a new phone or computer type equipment, ALL of this out of the goodness of her heart. Lynn feels that she does this for herself… “it makes me feel good.” This past year thus far 3 of Lynn’s friends have passed away at a young age and she also buried 3 older relatives. Her smile did not fade. She helped everyone who needed comforting in many various ways. Always giving. Two weeks ago, Lynn was told the company she works for was sold and none of the employees/co-workers were going to be kept on. This makeover gift would boost her spirits as she has to look for a new job and continues to give of herself.” (Anna, Lynn’s friend)



Julie Makeover Recipient

Julie deserves to win a makeover because I feel that she needs a break. She is a mom, wife, daughter, and friend. She works full time, and when she gets done with work she goes to visit her Dad who recently was moved into a nursing home due to failing health and that has been very hard on him. She spends time with him every day always making time for all that she has to do on top of working full time. I know that she is juggling so much and yet does so much for everyone else and just like any other mom we put ourselves at the bottom of the list.” (Michelle, Julie’s friend)




The makeover recipients received the following services:

We can’t thank our local partners enough for providing these complimentary services for our makeover winners!